Monday, September 14, 2015


So you know the moment that will make you do your mission all over again...I had mine this week! Tricia's husband, Gery committed to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!:DDDDD
 Tricia is our recent convert who was married and baptized all in the same day. I am  so excited and in awe about Gery committing to be baptized! The best part of it all though, was literally seeing him let go of his past, let go of all the things that were weighing him down, and giving it all to the Lord. It totally reminded me of Alma the younger and the agony that his sins had caused him and then the immediate relief and joy he felt when he gave them all to the Lord. This just testified within myself, that this is the reason why I am here on my mission, to show people the relief and joy that only comes through our Savior. 
This week, I have been working on being bold and straightforward. I recognized that if I am not being bold and upfront, I am wasting not only my time and their time, but the Lord's time.  I am so surprised with how bold I can be when the people know that I love them...I can say almost anything! Which gives the the courage to be bold all the time, because that is the best expression of love, boldness. And by doing so, we are helping our investigators to progress because we are getting to the root of their questions and providing them with the solution to all of our problems, Jesus Christ . 

~ With Bunches of Love,
 Sister Jordan

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Sister Isernhagen's farewell...she is going to be an amazing missionary!!!!!

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Bro McDonald in a dress haha

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