Monday, July 20, 2015

Amazing Week

This week was AWESOME!!!!! Oh my goodness, me and Sister Youngberg just worked our very hardest all day everyday, and the Lord provided us with miracles on a daily basis. I have never felt more exhausted, both spiritually and physically in my entire life...and it is just WONDERFUL:D We make a great team, and are continually pushing one another to become better and better each day! Tender Mercy of the Week: So last Friday, Sister Taggart and I met the Carter's neighbor(Doc) and he told us that in a couple days, it would be the two year anniversary of his wife's death. I do not know why, but that just stuck with me, so on Tuesday we went and bought flowers for Doc. We almost didn't, but in the end we felt that would be a nice thing to do. And it was!! He was so touched by the little act of service that we gave. It was as if I could physically see the Savior wrapping his arms around Doc and comforting him. It was such a wonderful experience to really be able to see the impact a small act of service can have on someone!! Here is an AWESOME quote that came from our Mission President: 
Faith is the power
Obedience is the Price
Love is the Motive
The Spirit is the key
Christ is the reason
Flowers for Doc

By the Nebraska sign :)

Phillipsburg, Kansas

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Breaking News

So Breaking News...I am a trainer!!!!!!! So for those of you who don't know what that means, it means that my new companion, Sister Youngberg is FRESH from the MTC(just got here Friday) and it is my responsibility to teach her how to be a missionary!At  first, I was a little nervous, because it is a huge responsibility to teach another how to be a missionary when you  yourself are still learning. But I took a step back, and realized that I received this assignment because Heavenly Father knew I could handle it, that I was ready for this responsibility! Also that if God had that much confidence in me, I needed to display that same measure of confidence in Him. It was and I know will continue to be a faith building experience. I have come to realize, that faith is not a girt. That each day, we have to work on building our faith and strengthening it by trusting in the Lord and then acting. 
And what a wonderful companion Heavenly Father has blessed me with!!! Her name is Sister Youngberg and she is from Clear field Utah. She is truly prepared, ready to work, and completely fearless. She knows why she is here and she is so very passionate about sharing this gospel with everyone!!! In just the two days that we have been together, things have just been on FIRE:) We were able to secure two new investigators, about five return appointments, and a ton of amazingly spiritual lessons. I am so excited for this opportunity we both have to grow and strengthen each other:D 
 We have set many new goals that will push us but will move this work forward in the Phillipsburg area.  We are busy working hard all day, every day so that when we get in bed, we just pass out haha I fully LOVE being a trainer, I am learning even more deeply about relying on the Spirit and trusting that Heavenly Father is strengthening me. Everyday, I can literally feel myself growing and it is WONDERFUL!
Goodbye to Sister Taggart :(
My new "baby" Sister Youngberg

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Mission President

 This week, our new Mission President arrived!! His name is President Gardner and I totally LOVE him already!! He is just infused with energy and love for missionary work, he is so very humble, a self proclaimed optimist, and is seriously an open book.  I am soooo excited to see what he has planned for this mission:D We even were able to have interviews with him personally after the big conference, he challenged me to open my mouth and testify at every opportunity. So this week I took up that challenge, and though at first it was difficult, the more I did it, not only was it easier, but I began to notice that confidence, conviction, and power accompanied my words. It was so wonderful to see the power of acting in Faith and relying on Heavenly Father. 
    Got to go to an AWESOME BBQ party for 4th! We met this man named Brother George, and he is just the BEST!!! He at first introduced himself to me as a Catholic Priest, and I didn't realize that he was a member until about 30 minutes later haha. He told us many fantastical stories about his rough and tumble life. He knows where 800 lbs of gold is buried in Colorado, he punched through a guy's truck window because he said something about his wife, and he ran away from the Canadian police with a semi truck full of stuff hahahaha Though he was raised in the church, he fell away, but returned again !  His adult son had been baptized and wanted his dad to be there with him and his family to be sealed in the temple, so his son said, "Dad you have 9 months to get your act together." He said it felt like God had slapped him in the face and made him realize what the most important things in this life is family and your spiritual relationship with Heavenly Father. So he shaped up and never went back! It was so wonderful to hear all of his exciting stories as well as his tender testimony building experiences.
 Ooh we had a game night this week, with my favorite game...Perpetual Commotion it was tons of fun and reminded me of when we would play that game with the missionaries, and now I was a missionary, yayyyyy! Our wedding planning for the Baptism/Wedding on Aug 8 is moving along very nicely: rustic, country chic dark blue and sunflowers AWHH YEAH!!:) 
Beautiful Sunrise on way to Zone COnference.

Matching with Sister Taggert

Standard of Excellence

This week was an EXCELLENT week! We started it out in Kearney where we were finally able to go to Walmart, and were able to do exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. We even did some tracting in about 100 degree weather (plus humidity) it was awesome!! Though we did not find anyone who was interested in the gospel, it was a personal faith building experience because it helped me to overcome my fear of  talking to others. Heavenly Father really did bless us this week, especially yesterday, because we were finally able to reach Standard of Excellence after weeks of just missing it. For those of you who don't know, Standard of Excellence are goals that our mission president sets up for our mission. It is very difficult to reach and we really had to work extra hard because we were out of our area for two days.  
 But like Ammon says in Alma 26 "I am nothing, as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things." I know it is only through the power of God that I am able to do anything, therefore, I will forever praise his name!!:)

Tender Mercies

This week was another great week! Oh big tender mercy from this week. So on Thursday, all of our appointment canceled on us. Not only that, but we were the part of our area which is really small so we really have to work hard to stay busy the whole day. We were a bit worried about what we would do to occupy our time most efficiently. We prayed and then planned to our best ability. Then the next morning, the family who we are staying with asked if we could spare sometime and help her with potting some plants and painting. She was an answer to our prayers! We were able to stay busy and productive for the entire day, as well as go and visit with some other people, it was an awesome day!:)
Oh and the wedding/baptismal plans for one of our investigators is moving along very nicely. Her and her daughter are just on FIRE about this gospel and they are going to do many wonderful things!!!
Selfie with the Zone

Sister Jordan with a frog she caught and named JO-JO.
(She later let him go)

Talking with EVERYONE :)

This week was another eventful and exciting week! Had an awesome and very inspirational Zone Conference centered around Elder Holland's talk on Missionary Work and the Atonement.This was our last time seeing our mission president because he is finished with his mission, and is leaving for home tomorrow. After taking pictures, he told me to keep the fire I have for missionary work going, I told him a year and a half is not nearly enough time to satisfy my fire for sharing this gospel!:)  It is so very uplifting to be around other missionaries too, especially because Sister Taggart and I are the only ones in our area. Let's see, what else...oh we went tracting in one of our local towns called Alma. Found a cool guy named Scott, and even accidentally talked to some juvenile detention inmates playing basketball. The work here is moving , I am just lucky enough to be here to experience it!:))
Sister Jordan with fellow Cali missionaries at Zone Conference

Sister Jordan with President and Sister Weston