Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wonderful Week

Such a wonderful week again this week! We got two new investigators, and our other investigators are continuously progressing! I have been starting most of the lessons, and I can feel myself growing and becoming a better teacher. Also ending this meeting, hearing from, and shaking hands with  one of the Lord's twelve apostles( Dallin H. Oakes!!) was the cherry on top, Oh and this week we have a baptism!!! One of our investigators, Carolyn is getting baptized this Friday. I am filled with excitement because I know that as she takes this step of baptism, she is truly becoming a disciple of Christ. Along with that, she also will be able to find eternal happiness and joy through anything that will come her way as she turns to Christ.
   I pray daily that I may see others as Christ sees them, and each day my love for the people I serve grows, and my desire to share this glad message expands! 
-- So yeah, I got to shake hands with Elder Dallin H. Oakes!!! In his address, he even talked specifically to the Greenies (me:)) He shared many inspiring words on the comforting and strengthening power of Christ's Atonement, about our duty as members of Christ's church to share his gospel with everyone, and even some funny/cute stories. He told of a ten year old girl who gave him a letter, and in the letter she said, " I know you are an apostle because you are clean and your head is shiny." And it was haha because he is bald. He then  quoted, " The Noble and Great ones come out on top." Hahaha I was dying!
Ahh this week is going to be  so busy!! I am sometimes surprised at how busy we are but honestly, from 6:30am to 10:30pm we are going! But I always do make time for naps:)
Kansas Tye-Dye Shirts

Mother's Day

Sister Jordan Skyping with the Family for Mother's Day

Saturday, May 9, 2015

One Month Down Pictures

Sister Leela Jordan with investigator Lela

Sister Jordan with a new Nebraska Cornhuskers hat

Sister Jordan on exchanges with Sister Lambert

One Month Down!

I have offically been out for one month! Man time has flown by! 
This week, we ha ad exchanges with the Kearney sisters. They are in charge of two wards, a family one and a YSA ward. So we got to play knock out with the YSA ward for family home evening. It was so much fun, I almost won, but didn't:/ but I did accidentally bounce the basketball off of Sister Wilson's head, SO funny hahaha. While in Kearney,  I was able to teach an old lady with the name of Lela (pronounced Lee-La, like me:)) We spoke of the greatness of God and his hand in our lives. 
We came back to our area and got to work. We taught and testified, and even tracted a little! Then on fast Sunday I had the opportunity to bear my testimony about the power and joy of missionary work and of how much I have grown closer to my Savior in this short month. I cannot wait to see what growth and development this next month will bring:D

Kansas Sunset

Sister Jordan in the beautiful Kansas sunset

Week 2

Every morning I awake filled with excitement and eagerness to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all who I come in contact with! I cannot believe that it has almost been one month since I came out! Time is just flying by!!!
  Last Monday we watched Meet The Mormons, if you haven't seen it, go and watch it, it's awesome! Drank some slushies and gel painted our nails with Sister Carter's stuff. Then we ended our night at the Kendalls for game night, which was awesome! 
  Tuesday we had District Meeting with a lesson on being bold. We are bring the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, we need others to see the importance, so when we teach, we need to be bold, exact and loving. After we got to have Taco Bell, SO SPICY! But country music was playing over the speakers, and I danced to it a little, even though I wasn't supposed to;)
  Wednesday we taught a lesson, and I felt as if I did not do that well with my teaching. That I could have contributed more. Then one of the brothers who was present for the lesson came up to me and said that he was so thankful that I had decided to serve a mission, and was there in this area. He said I was just glowing and he could feel God's love radiating from me. Not only was this just what I needed to hear at that moment, it was an answer to prayers. Everyday I pray that those around may feel of God's love or them, and they did!!! So many other amazing spiritual experiences have happened this week, but I will tell you of my favorite. 
 My favorite experience from this week was with one of our investigators Ashley. Ashley has no religious background and is going through a really difficult time with her husband. Just this past week, she started working again to provide for her family. We went over to share a message and ended up being able to serve her by straightening up her living room. Then she told us that she had decided to stop drinking, chewing, and taking her anti-depressant pills. We haven't even taught her the word of wisdom yet! She was telling us that now her life is brighter, that she realized that she had been living in a fog. She sees now that this has been all a part of God's plan for her!:))) Heavenly Father is SO wonderful!!!
Every morning I awake filled with excitement and eagerness to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all who I come in contact with! I cannot believe that it has almost been one month since I came out! Time is just flying by!!!

Week 1 Pictures

The Kansas Countryside

Sister Jordan and her companion Sister Taggart

Norton, Kansas with the town water tower

First Week in the Mission Field

Ok so my area is HUGE, it includes the southwest corner of Nebraska AND the northwest corner of Kansas. It takes hours to get around where our area is. But that is cool because I get to bond with my companion, Sis Taggart, wonderful and great! Makes me want to be a better person!

I totally am WELL fed all the time people are trying to feed us and make sure we have food haha I can see how some sisters gain like 30 pounds, but that wont be me...hopefully! I love theses small towns, literally everyone is so kind and it is just like one big family. Everyone knows everyone and if you are ever in need, they will be there for you. Mormon community is super small, but so strong! Some members have to travel 3 hours just to get to the church! They all call each other and check with one another, because of these loving members, it makes our job as missionaries easier. These members always have people to refer us to who need to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. I have totally taken for granted the conveniences of a close church and a lot of members. There is only about 75-100 members in one building, but they are so committed they totally support the missionaries and are always reaching out to others. Perfect Christlike examples! . We had a potluck after church and there was like 30 crock pots! It was so delicious and everyone is seriously so sincere and loving. Our area is great as well. All who we teach are hungering for this knowledge of the gospel and have a desire to follow Jesus Christ. Our days are always full so at the end of the day, we are exhausted yet totally satisfied!