Monday, February 8, 2016

A week of miracles - 
This week was crazy!!! We had a blizzard hit Kearney, it was called Kayla and it left us with 18 inches of snow!!!! We were stuck inside for a whole day.  Luckily, there were a couple of us sisters, so we kept ourselves entertained. haha!! Cool thing about the blizzard was that it provided for a lot of service opportunities. The snow fall was wayy more than anticipated, so just about everyone was snowed in. And though I had never shoveled snow a day in my life, I am now officially an expert haha. A cool experience happened while doing service...all the missionaries, us sisters and some elders too, were shoveling at this apartment complex and the snow was crazy deep, but we finally cleared a path and dug out a couple cars while we were working. Sister Riggs was working so hard, she ended up losing her name the snow. So, we all said a prayer and began searching. I was praying so hard because we were working with this non-member, and I was like, "Heavenly Father, please provide us with a miracle, so this man can see that you answer prayers." As I finished, I looked down, and guess what I saw...the corner of Sister Riggs's name tag!!!!!! I picked it up and celebrated like I had found the Golden Ticket!!! We all cheered and clapped, it was the best thing ever! As we are filled with faith, and trust in the Lord, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish!!! Ether 12:12
God is soo very aware of us and wants to help, all we must do is ask!:)

A LOL miracle - 
Wanna hear another miracle??? So, I had to go to the bathroom SUPER bad, and there were none to be found. We passed by this park, pulled over, and I began my search...finally I found one!! but it was an indoor one, and looked really I prayed: "please please please let this door be unlocked". It wasnt!!! So I prayed again, pleading(because I REALLY had to go!) Then all of a sudden, a lady rounded the corner and opened the door!!!!! Then she said, "It was a miracle I even came over to this side of the building!" I was like - "well yeah, I prayed you here!" hahahaha wayy cool right?!:D
~ With Bunches of Love,
 Sister Jordan

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