Monday, May 16, 2016


This week was just pure gold! So Sister Murphy and I are not only having tons of fun, we are seeing tons of miracles too! We take a picture everyday, and I, honestly, keep forgetting that that we have only been together for a week, because we are best buds already. Our bishop is the most amazing person ever, and he sets up meal appointments for  us with members who need an extra dose of the Spirit in their homes. We help them set spiritual goals that will stretch them, and then we encourage and follow up with their progress. These meal appointments have been just wonderful, to see from just one appointment the light and happiness just flood into their lives, is the best thing EVER! They thank us tons, but honestly, it is not us, it is the Spirit. Also, another fun thing - we mowed an enormous lawn... took about 3 hours to complete, however we weren't even the least bit sore... blessings of service work!!
Also, super cool missionary moment, involving the influence of the Spirit. So, Sister Murphy got her hair dyed today (looks amazing!) at a beauty school. We got to talk with two girls our own age for about two hours! They asked us all sorts of questions and were just amazed at the fact we were missionaries. It gave me a glimpse of how it will be when I get back home, and have the opportunity to share the gospel. Just talking with these girls and explaining why we are here and what we do filled the entire salon with the Spirit, and literally everyone was listening! By the time we were done, we exchanged phone numbers so we could get back together again while we were still here in Kearney. It was crazy to see that yes, we are quite different than the 20 year olds around us, but not in a bad way. Those girls totally respected us, and were interested in knowing why we are the way we are. I am so very grateful for this gospel that puts everything into perspective, that gives direction, and purpose and so so much JOY!
~ With Bunches of Love,
 Sister Jordan

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