Monday, May 2, 2016

Growing in Cycles

    Major, eye-opening realization this week: the fact that this gospel is not linear, it is circular. What I mean by this is: we do not reach some far off destination and stop, but we learn and grow in a cycle, continuously growing, and progressing. I wish I could draw it out for you, but I will try and do my best, haha.
    So the first step of our "life cycle" is to LEARN. To help us in this step, we start with a desire which leads us to pray, and reading the scriptures.  We watch the examples of our family, friends, and church members.  Then, as we begin to recognize the prompting of the Holy Ghost and begin to act on them, we are lead to begin building our TESTIMONY, and we feel JOY.
      However, as we all know, we live in a fallen world and "there must be opposition in all things." Now, add to this cycle OBSTACLES, thus temptations, human frailties, pride, etc.
The next step is to then PRACTICE the Godly things that we have learned. In the face of adversity, the test is how well we put into PRACTICE the simple principles of the gospel.
    Though we all know, we will never be able to accomplish anything on our own, Heavenly Father adds THE ATONING POWER OF JESUS CHRIST to this cycle! The atonement not only cleanses us of sin, it enables us to overcome any and all OBSTACLES. As we go through this necessary and redeeming step, we are able to LEARN, which stengthens our TESTIMONY and we feel JOY. Then we do it all over again!!
    As a missionary, I have had many opportunities to help others in the "LEARN" step of the cycle.  I see first hand when they hit the OBSTACLES,  and I watch with faith, as they PRACTICE living all they have learned.  I witness and testify to THE ATONING POWER OF JESUS CHRIST in their lives, and I experience with them the immense JOY as they are delievered and they LEARN MORE of God's LOVE, and their TESTIMONY grows!!!  This is the cycle of conversion. Conversion is not a one time thing. It takes patience, work and persistence. However, we never have to do this or anything alone, our Savior, as always, is not only our perfect example, He is who we can turn to anytime, all the time! I invite you to read "Converted Unto The Lord" by Elder Bednar from which this blog was inspired:)
P.S. I tried to make it in a circular format.

JOY =>  
JOY =>  
repeat again, and again

~ With Bunches of Love,
 Sister Jordan

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