Sunday, June 12, 2016

We were with God before coming to Earth

A question that I have been pondering this week has been, "Why does it matter that we lived with God before we came to this earth?" Someone we were talking to said he believed we did not exist before, but that we came into existance when we were born, and at that moment God breathed life into us. Now this was something I never thought before, so I wondered why is  knowing we did exist with God before coming to Earth so important? The answer came gradually over this week and then during relief society this Sunday, just exploded in my mind with understanding. This is what I learned, knowing where we came from, helps us to know where we need to goIt helps us to recognize our own personal potential, and it gives us the drive to become greater.

    I came up with this real life comparison. We are like princes and princesses, we know that one day we will inherit all that our father, the king, has to give us. With this knowledge, different things are expected of us. We must learn and grow in understanding and compassion, and we honor the responsibility we have. We can't just go around having parties and not caring about consequences, because we are ALL royalty. 
   The most popular hymn that we sing, is "I am A Child of God".  We all know this, but do we accept it?  When we recognize and truly understand that we are children of God, children of the King, our views are expanded, confidence lifted and desire strengthened.  Understanding that we lived with God before, helps us to understand that he knows us, he loves us, and he will ALWAYS be there to "lead us", "guide us", and "walk beside us", so that we all are able "to find the way." And that is exactly the message of hope we share as missionaries, that there is a way, and it has been prepared by our Savior Jesus Christ, and that as we follow him and his teachings,  one day we may be able to return to live with our Heavenly Father again!:)
~ With Bunches of Love,
 Sister Jordan

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