Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New places, not so new faces!
Transfers happened this week, bringing with it a ton of bittersweet feelings. I LOVE Kearney and all the people I met there, but I know that many more miracles and wonderful people are here in Papillion too!! Soooo many Infinite moments this week:

1. Finding out that Sister Youngberg and I were going to be companions again!!! Dream team reunited:D

2. We went with a recent convert here in Papillion for her first time going to the temple, and guess who was there...the entire Kearney youth! I seriously teared up when I saw them all, it was so unexpected but so perfect!!!

3. Oh and an AMAZING person I was able to see this week was Kesley!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, Sister Rook... She walked in the room, I, of course, screamed and ran to her, I was sooooo happy to see her I almost started bawling, hahahaha It is soooo weird to have home life and mission life combine, it did not even seem like a real thing.

Though there are a lot of new things, I am so very excited to be here and begin another new adventure!!

This Sunday, we were learning about what True Greatness is and how we can discover it within ourselves. Ultimately, true greatness is found in those who are willing to sacrifice their desires for others. Its having the ability to look for opportunities to serve, not because we are supposed to or asked to, but because we genuinely care for others.

We were asked to think of someone in our lives that emulate true greatness, and I automatically thought of my mom. She sacrifice so much for us and others, she serves with her whole heart and loves as well as sees others as Christ would. In all that she does, she directs me and others to our Savior who is the perfect example of true greatness.

Though the athletes, celebrities, and heroes fade there is one who will never fade nor change and that is our Savior Jesus Christ. On whom we can rely on in any circumstance and who will never let us down or lead us astray.

~ With Bunches of Love,
Sister Jordan

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