Monday, August 8, 2016

August 1 - FAITH overcomes fear

Everyone who we have been talking to recently, has so much fear about the condition our world is in socially right now, and fear of what more is to come. So, I have been studying and trying to figure out what it was that I needed to learn to further provide guidance and peace, then yesterday at church, it hit me!
It was fifth Sunday and so everyone was combined and Bishop Bentley led the discussion. He began by asking us, what things does the world throw at us that is breaking up our families. People said things like skewed priorities, worldliness, unbridled passions, pride, giving into the natural man and many more. As we discussed these various problems, I began to think of how I personally had seen these things and began to feel a little overwhelmed. I realized that all of these things, these temptations are surrounding us constantly and they are loud and extremely pushy. I began to feel a bit scared, as I realized all that was surrounding not just me, but everyone I loved. Then, the moment of peace and clarity came as Bishop said, "So many things pull us away from God and try to yank us from His presence, it is our covenants that we make that bind us to God and provides us with the power to combat the ills of the world." I sat for a moment and pondered on this. Yes, I knew that covenants were important and good, but up until that moment the importance of covenants was just head knowledge, and as I recognized more fully the blessings and purpose of covenants, what I knew moved from my head to my heart.
I began to think of all the things we promise through covenants of baptism, as well as the temple, to always remember Christ, obedience, consecration, purity and then the promised blessings of power, peace, and the Spirit to be with us always.
Through sacred covenants such as baptism and temple ordinances, we qualify for full protection of the evils of the world. And partnered with daily scripture study and prayer, is exactly how we can meet any opposition, temptation, or fear with courage, not compromise.
~ With Bunches of Love,
Sister Jordan

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