Thursday, June 11, 2015

Auctions, Prophets, and Weddings...Oh My!!

This week was just wonderful! Carolyn, who just was baptized, attended the temple and already has been baptized for some of her family members! She is just on fire! We also had the awesome experience of doing some service for the community in Phillipsburg. There was an auction, and the local Rotary club was in charge of the snack bar, so me and Sister Taggart were able to help. It was so cool, there were real cowboys and the auctioneer spoke SUPER fast!  It was great to meet so many people in the community and show them we aren't scary. I even met a lady who is from France and we were able to speak in French together and we set up an appointment to see her again:) Later, Brother Isernhagen, who set this all up for us, told us of the wonderful impression we had made on everyone just through working hard and smiling. He even said that they want us to help them the next time they have a booth because of all the help we gave! Oh and Sister Taggart and I are helping to plan a wedding!!!! One of our new investigators isn't married to her spouse and she wants to be baptized so she said that she and her spouse have no problem with making their relationship official. So they will be getting married in the next couple of weeks!:D  And then on that same day, we basically testified of modern prophets to a whole crowd of people who were in Love's gas station, because this guy started asking us questions and people just started to gather around haha. Ahh there is just so many exciting things going on here in Phillipsburg area!!:D
Straightened my hair :)

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