Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Magnificent Week!

This week was another magnificent week! We almost reached standard of excellence, we were just off by 3 new investigators. The previous weeks, we got 3 new investigators but were lacking in one or another of the other standards. So this week, we plan on combing them all and achieving the standard of excellence!:) Highlight of this week was fast and testimony meeting yesterday. So many powerful and inspirational testimonies were born. Even our two new investigators and our recent convert stood up and testified! It was so beautiful!!!
  This week, on Thursday, we are fasting and praying with one of our investigators about knowing for himself of the truthfulness of the restored gospel, and if Joseph Smith was the prophet who restored the gospel again on the earth. He says he does want to be baptized on June 21, but he wants to know for sure that this is exactly what he wants. So I am pretty excited to see what comes of this fast.
  Oh and I am really looking forward to Zone Conference tomorrow, we will be reunited with other missionaries which is great because Sister Taggart and I are the only ones in our area, so we never see other missionaries except at meetings haha
Being a judge for a talent much fun!!! So hot, humid and windy but great!

Drivin' alongside the beautiful landscape.

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