Wednesday, December 16, 2015

 The Gift I Want to Give my Savior

What a wonderful week full of spiritual experiences and Christmas celebrations!! This week, we had the opportunity to go up to the Mormon Trail Center and tour it (as well as see the awesome gingerbread house displays!). I learned even more about the immense sacrifices that the early pioneers made to show their faithfulness in following the words of the prophet. I know they were able to endure freezing weather, sickness, and death because they knew with every fiber of their being that this was in fact Christ's church restored again on the earth. And, that the words of the prophet were in reality the will of the Father for His children. I admire their incredible faith!!! We also had Christmas Conference with the other missionaries. We had a gift exchange and a funny talent show, but what was most wonderful was remembering my Savior. President Gardner invited us to write a letter, explaining a gift we wanted to give the Savior this year. Last week, I spent a lot of time pondering on the gift I wanted to give my Savior, and I wrote it down in my letter, I could literally feel my Heavenly Father's love and support of my gift. I would like to invite each of you to ponder on what gift you could give to the Savior this year. It could be anything from bad habits, to letting go of fears, or serving more. I can promise, not only will you receive heavenly help in accomplishing giving whatever gift, you will come to appreciate more fully the many glorious gifts that our Savior has given to us!!!
~ With Bunches of Love,
 Sister Jordan

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