Monday, December 21, 2015

Infinite Moment

So guess what, I am back out West again! After three Wonderful months in the big city of Lincoln Nebraska, I am back to the country, namely Kearney Nebraska. It was so hard saying goodbye to those who I have come to love in Lincoln, but its not goodbye, only a see ya later, because Heavenly Father has work for me to do elsewhere. As I arrived here a couple days ago, the Spirit confirmed in my heart this is exactly where I need to be. I have also come up with a new focus...infinite moments. Let me explain, before my mission, I read this book called The Perks of Being A Wallflower and in it, the main character describes how he felt after one of the best days of his life by saying, "And in that moment we were infinite!" I have begun to realize the numerous infinite moments that happen daily. To me an infinite moment is a moment when you can glimpse eternity, you feel so fully of God's love that you could stay in that moment forever!
I will share an infinite moment from this week, we were at a dinner of a family I had just met, and as we were saying goodbye, the grandma came up to me, gave me a great big hug and said, "I love you!" In that moment, I felt soooo fully of Heavenly Father's love, I could have just stayed in that moment forever. Take the time this week to recognize your own personal infinite moments, and as you do, remember to thank God for them. I know that as you look for those wonderful infinite moments, you will find them, and they will bring you closer to God. 
Merry Christmas!!!
~ With Bunches of Love,
 Sister Jordan

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