Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Week

My first week in Kearney has just zoomed by!! I have been able to meet a ton of wonderful people and feel quite at home for this Christmas season. This week, I have been focusing on what I call infinite moments. Taken from a quote from one of my favorite books, which says, "And in that moment, we were infinite!" This quote stuck with me and I came up with infinite moments. Infinite moments are moments where you get a glimpse of heaven, where you can feel soo fully of God's love that you could just stay in that moment forever. And the best things about infinite moments is that they are usually small and easily overlooked. I have come to feel so fully of God's love for me this week as I have focused daily on infinite moments. From things as little as someone telling me they loved me or having egg nog on Christmas, to huge infinite moments like seeing my family and hearing that my dad has been sober for 101 days!! Take time this week to notice infinite moments as they happen, and then share them! Not only will this open your own eyes to seeing Heavenly Father's hand more fully in your own life, it will lift and inspire others as well!
~ With Bunches of Love,
 Sister Jordan

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