Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Growing Together

This week was full of training and spiritual nourishment! Monday, we traveled all the way up to Omaha (about a three hour drive) for our leadership training called MLC. Funny story, on the way we stopped for dinner and I decided that I would speak in a southern accent in the drive thru. The cashier guy kept smiling at us and I told Sister Petersen that Im sure he was laughing because he could tell I was faking it. However by the time we left, he told me he liked my voice, so perhaps I really did have him fooled hahaha.
     Ok, back to our Omaha meeting...to try and summarize all I learned MLC would seriously take up about 70 emails, so overall my faith and testimony was strengthened through the principles of how this wonderful gospel is centered on families, the strengthening and enabling power that comes from repentance, the fact that  through Christ we can find new life, and that we are given weaknesses not only to make us humble, but so that we will be able to turn them into strengths. I felt so encouraged and uplifted with a renewed desire to not only share what I learned with our investigators but with our missionaries as well. And we did! Sister Petersen and I had the opportunity to train on repentance to the other missionaries. We first defined repentance and discussed what motivates us to repent and how we can help those who we teach to experience, as Alma says in Alma 36, "joy and marvelous light" of repentance. Another topic that has been on my mind this past week is the statement of the Sabbath being a delight and what that means to me.
    So I came up with this little free verse poem as we sat in the park doing our studies this Sunday: 
I am sitting in the grass of Harvey park on a bright orange blanket. The grass is a mixture of brown and green because it is not yet spring, though it feels like it. Basking in the warmth of the sun and feasting on the words of prophets both ancient and modern. I learn more of my Savior and the importance of the Book of Mormon, right here, right now! The words to a hymn just sung in sacrament play in my head, " All creatures of our God and King, lift up your  voices and with us sing Alleluia, alleluia!" I feel the joy of those words. I hear the laughs of children on the play ground, of moms, dads and grandparents speaking in baby voices to their precious ones. Sword fights, tag, and a couple tears...small seemingly insignificant moments, but lovely when done together.  This gospel centers on families, its exactly why we are all here, learning laughing and growing together, this is what it means to make the Sabbath a Delight!
~ With Bunches of Love,
 Sister Jordan

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