Monday, March 21, 2016

Nearer My God to Thee

This past week has been so very busy as usual. Time surely does fly when you are having fun;) Except for this past Thursday and Friday, I have never been soo sick in my life, but I'm all better now:D! This week before Easter, we have been sharing a wonderful Easter video called #Hallelujah. It is a short, but powerful video clip, with various people quoting scripture and then testifying of how we will all be able to be reunited with our families again one day. It ends with each of the people exclaiming Hallelujah, which is Hebrew for "Praise ye the Lord". I have been pondering on the significance of this doctrine... that because of our Savior, we have all been provided with a way to be reunited not only with our mortal families but with our Heavenly Father again. All he asks is that we Follow Him.
 As I have had the opportunity to follow Christ and His example so fully on my mission, I have been filled with indescribable joy! I will share a most tender experience that just happened to me yesterday. We went to the hospital to visit a sick member, but when we got to her room, she was fast asleep. Knowing we had some time before our dinner appointment, I had this idea to ask the nurses if anyone else was in need of a visit. To our surprise, they directed us to this old lady named Maggie. We sang to her "Nearer My God to Thee", and as we got to the chorus, she began to sing! And in that moment, I felt so very near to Heavenly Father. Just that small simple act of service, not only uplifted Maggie, but filled us soo fully with Heavenly Father's love, and I realized again, this is what it means to follow Christ... To try our very best to do what he would do, serve at every opportunity, love fully, and guide others to Him. Though this world seems dark and dreary most times, "in Christ the Lord, our hope is found!" 
I invite each of you to visit this website, check out the Hallelujah video and the rest of the resources provided. Take the time this week to reflect of the vastness of God's love personified through the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. 
~ With Bunches of Love,
 Sister Jordan

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