Wednesday, March 2, 2016


So my companion Sister Petersen goes home pretty soon, so what she has started to do is dedicate weeks of her mission to someone. This idea comes from one of the trainings  we received at one of our missionary meetings. Our mission presidents  wife told us a story of when her and her daughter ran a marathon. Apparently her daughter did not train very well and so just after a couple miles, she began to be extremely tired. So, in order to finish this race, she began dedicating each mile to a child who she worked with. As she ran that mile, she would tell her mother all about that child and as she did that, she was distracted from her exhaustion and was able to complete the marathon! Using this same idea, we have decided t pick a scripture hero each week to dedicate our missions to and try and emulate. This week we studied Nephi! What I decided to do was to choose the top three characteristics that Nephi exemplifies and then to find scriptures to support them. I chose faith, diligence, and obedience.  I found sooo many scriptures that shows Nephi's exceeding faith, like, 1 Nephi 4:1 and verse 3 when he tells his brothers they must go back into the city, even if they have no idea how they will obtain the plates. Then later in that same chapter in verses 6 and 7 as Nephi explains that though he did not know what he was doing, he was "led by the Spirit and went forth!" And then my favorite in 1 Nephi 7:12 and 17 that because of Nephi's exceeding faith, he was able to burst the bands with which he was bound. And all of this was just in the first seven chapters of the first book of Nephi! So far this week, I have come to realize that power comes from obedience, that it is exercised through faith and that when power and faith combine, miracles are produced. Such a reassuring principle taught so plainly in the scriptures. Pondering more about Nephi and his wonderfully great attitude no matter the circumstances, I realized something. I realized that in order for us all to maintain our purpose and desire (not just as missionaries, but as followers of Jesus Christ), we must keep an eternal perspective, a positive attitude, and unwavering faith, just like Nephi. As we remember our purpose here and make a daily commitment to do good and be better daily, we will be able to face all of life's challenges with optimism and and joy!:))
~ With Bunches of Love,
 Sister Jordan

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