Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Yayyyy Shout out to Evan, Happy Birthday Jo Boo!!!! #15   ;)
They do the 4th sooo big here in Nebraska. Seriously, there are block parties for days,with slip and slides and bounce houses with the whole road blocked off. They also shoot off their own fireworks, not just firecrackers and sparklers, but the real things that we cant even buy in Cali. And they shoot them off from noon to midnight, it sounds like we are in a war zone hahaha.
Anywho, this week has been full of lesson learned. Not just for me as a missionary, but as a person as well. In preparation for our missionary leadership meeting this week, our mission president asked us to read this talk called the fourth missionary...Life Changing. Though the principles of the talk were directed towards missionaries, I realized that the things I learned will always apply to me.
A little bit of background, this talk categorizes visionaries based on their mindsets and the fruits of their labors. The first and second missionaries are both disobedient so I wont talk about them.. I want to focus on the third and fourth missionary. They are both obedient hard working and see much success. The biggest difference is the condition of their hearts. The third missionary does things because it is his duty and because he knows he should, and though he serves with all his might and strength, he withholds his heart from the Lord. In contrast, the fourth missionary gives himself totally over to the Lord, he is obedient and hard working, not because he is expected to but because that is his desire as well.
This spoke tons to me, sometimes living the gospel can become a checklist or chore to do. However as we give ourselves completely and totally over to the Lord living the gospel becomes a joy! I have seen this personally as a missionary. Being an STL has given me the chance to be around a lot of missionaries and you can tell if missionaries have given their hearts over to the Lord, or not, because it is expressed in their faces. Now, don't get me wrong, the fourth missionary is not perfect by any means, and to move from being the third missionary or member is easy. It starts with the desire to change to align your will with God's and then it is done, its truly that easy!:)
In our meeting, President Gardner asked us a couple of awesomely thought provoking questions, and I invite you to ask them to yourself as well: "What kind of disciple do I want to become?" and What could keep me from achieving what I desire?" Because of our Savior and his Atonement each of us has the opportunity to chance and become better. Dont ever give up!:D
~ With Bunches of Love,
Sister Jordan

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