Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Interviews with President, road trips to Lincoln, and two mini missions were the highlights of my super crazy busy week!!
I will start first with my interview with President Gardner. I had a most amazing revelation experience during our interview together. He asked me how I had changed as I have been on my mission?? So many things ran through my head, but this is the one I shared. During our first interview over a year ago, President shared with me a scripture in Matthew 5: 15-16 which talks about letting your light shine, and told me to fearlessly let my light shine. At the time, I sort of resented this challenge because I hate standing out, and despite my best efforts, it seems like that always happens. That is when it hit me, I have been able to overcome my fear of standing out because I have realized that it isn't my own personal light that is shining, it is Christ's light shining through me. I am now able to be confident in who I am and what I believe.
Second, road trips to Lincoln...meetings. I got to meet up with one of my most favorite Kansas families the Diazs!! And then there was driving, not much to report on that.
And finally, the mini mission. Oh my, it was so AMAZING!!! We had two laurels from our ward come out and just spend the weekend with us doing missionary work. Then, we ended with a sort of fireside, at the church, to discuss the outcome of the mission. The girls expressed how surprised they were with how hard a mission actually was... the schedule, the commitment, and especially the rejections. They said, however, it taught them so much! In those three short days, they learned about charity, having a positive attitude despite the circumstances, and how simple and natural it is to share the gospel. And even though it was really hard, and they were really tired, they would do it all over again. It was awesome to go out and teach with these young girls whose testimonies are so strong, to see how their desire to serve God and others just grew! I just love those girls!! I was even tearing up, a little, when we had to give them back to their families, hahaha.
~ With Bunches of Love,
Sister Jordan

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