Saturday, May 9, 2015

First Week in the Mission Field

Ok so my area is HUGE, it includes the southwest corner of Nebraska AND the northwest corner of Kansas. It takes hours to get around where our area is. But that is cool because I get to bond with my companion, Sis Taggart, wonderful and great! Makes me want to be a better person!

I totally am WELL fed all the time people are trying to feed us and make sure we have food haha I can see how some sisters gain like 30 pounds, but that wont be me...hopefully! I love theses small towns, literally everyone is so kind and it is just like one big family. Everyone knows everyone and if you are ever in need, they will be there for you. Mormon community is super small, but so strong! Some members have to travel 3 hours just to get to the church! They all call each other and check with one another, because of these loving members, it makes our job as missionaries easier. These members always have people to refer us to who need to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. I have totally taken for granted the conveniences of a close church and a lot of members. There is only about 75-100 members in one building, but they are so committed they totally support the missionaries and are always reaching out to others. Perfect Christlike examples! . We had a potluck after church and there was like 30 crock pots! It was so delicious and everyone is seriously so sincere and loving. Our area is great as well. All who we teach are hungering for this knowledge of the gospel and have a desire to follow Jesus Christ. Our days are always full so at the end of the day, we are exhausted yet totally satisfied!

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