Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wonderful Week

Such a wonderful week again this week! We got two new investigators, and our other investigators are continuously progressing! I have been starting most of the lessons, and I can feel myself growing and becoming a better teacher. Also ending this meeting, hearing from, and shaking hands with  one of the Lord's twelve apostles( Dallin H. Oakes!!) was the cherry on top, Oh and this week we have a baptism!!! One of our investigators, Carolyn is getting baptized this Friday. I am filled with excitement because I know that as she takes this step of baptism, she is truly becoming a disciple of Christ. Along with that, she also will be able to find eternal happiness and joy through anything that will come her way as she turns to Christ.
   I pray daily that I may see others as Christ sees them, and each day my love for the people I serve grows, and my desire to share this glad message expands! 
-- So yeah, I got to shake hands with Elder Dallin H. Oakes!!! In his address, he even talked specifically to the Greenies (me:)) He shared many inspiring words on the comforting and strengthening power of Christ's Atonement, about our duty as members of Christ's church to share his gospel with everyone, and even some funny/cute stories. He told of a ten year old girl who gave him a letter, and in the letter she said, " I know you are an apostle because you are clean and your head is shiny." And it was haha because he is bald. He then  quoted, " The Noble and Great ones come out on top." Hahaha I was dying!
Ahh this week is going to be  so busy!! I am sometimes surprised at how busy we are but honestly, from 6:30am to 10:30pm we are going! But I always do make time for naps:)
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