Saturday, May 9, 2015

One Month Down!

I have offically been out for one month! Man time has flown by! 
This week, we ha ad exchanges with the Kearney sisters. They are in charge of two wards, a family one and a YSA ward. So we got to play knock out with the YSA ward for family home evening. It was so much fun, I almost won, but didn't:/ but I did accidentally bounce the basketball off of Sister Wilson's head, SO funny hahaha. While in Kearney,  I was able to teach an old lady with the name of Lela (pronounced Lee-La, like me:)) We spoke of the greatness of God and his hand in our lives. 
We came back to our area and got to work. We taught and testified, and even tracted a little! Then on fast Sunday I had the opportunity to bear my testimony about the power and joy of missionary work and of how much I have grown closer to my Savior in this short month. I cannot wait to see what growth and development this next month will bring:D

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