Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Talking with EVERYONE :)

This week was another eventful and exciting week! Had an awesome and very inspirational Zone Conference centered around Elder Holland's talk on Missionary Work and the Atonement.This was our last time seeing our mission president because he is finished with his mission, and is leaving for home tomorrow. After taking pictures, he told me to keep the fire I have for missionary work going, I told him a year and a half is not nearly enough time to satisfy my fire for sharing this gospel!:)  It is so very uplifting to be around other missionaries too, especially because Sister Taggart and I are the only ones in our area. Let's see, what else...oh we went tracting in one of our local towns called Alma. Found a cool guy named Scott, and even accidentally talked to some juvenile detention inmates playing basketball. The work here is moving , I am just lucky enough to be here to experience it!:))
Sister Jordan with fellow Cali missionaries at Zone Conference

Sister Jordan with President and Sister Weston

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