Sunday, April 17, 2016

Real Intent
This week was just wonderful as usual! Had so many great lessons, had our mission "Olympic tryouts" (I qualified in the ladder sprints), an amazing missionary meeting full of the Spirit (at which we gave a training about the importance of real intent), and ended our week with a concert by the BYU Idaho Symphony! It was the best!!!! This week though, I want to tell you about one of our investigators who is a perfect example of someone with the "real intent" we read about in Moroni 10:5. He is a young boy, about 15 years old, right now he is in a youth correctional facility, so we go there to visit and teach him. A little bit of background, he has had an extremely rough upbringing and there fore learned some not so great habits, a couple of which landed him here in the facility. Though he is 15 his understanding is of someone who is about 10, but he honestly has a heart of gold, and a hunger to learn about God and to do what is right. We have been teaching him for about three months now, an the growth he has made is tremendous!!! He prays everyday, especially when he get angry at his group members, he has been reading from the Book of Mormon, and greatest of all, he says he is beginning to feel God's love for him. Funny story, this week, we were teaching the Ten Commandments and also that we need to love our neighbors. In his child like  innocence, he thought we meant he had to be "in love" with everyone including his mom haha He was like, "that's kinda weird..." So we explained that is was a family love and not in a romantic way. When I first met him, I just wanted to take him home to Mama so she could love him and teach him right. Though sometimes I still have the desire to rescue him from the situation that he is in, I realize I am helping him on such a deeper level. By teaching him the gospel and showing him how to live a better life, our Heavenly Father is embracing him and supporting him, giving him the love and guidance he needs to become a better person, not just now but forever. This gospel is wonderful, life changing and so simple a child can understand it. Seeing the beauty of the gospel at work in this young man's life changing him and shaping him is too wonderful to adequately express in words. This is why I am a missionary! Not just now, but forever, because all need to know of the power and support that is in our Savior Jesus Christ and the love that God has for each and every one of us. 
~ With Bunches of Love,
 Sister Jordan

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