Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Manna from Heaven -

  This week was amazingly eye opening!! I learned so much from the simple things I saw each day. Back Sister Draney, my new companion, has an amazing talent for recognizing gospel lessons in everyday situations, so I made a personal goal of recognizing a parable everyday. And the results were wonderful!!! I will share two of my most favorite parables from this week.

1. I was sitting on our couch looking out onto our balcony(we are on the third floor). And a thought came to my mind, "What if there weren't any railings on that balcony?" We wouldn't sit out here,because of the possibility of us falling. Or, if we did sit out on the balcony without any railings,  we would be soooooooooooooooooooo very careful.
Lesson: The railings on the balcony are like the commandments. At first, they may seem like a limit to our freedom, when in reality, the railings/commandments allow us to be truly free! Not just free but safe as well!
2. This morning after my prayers, I glanced over at Sister Draney and she was kneeling in light! The early morning sun was beginning to come up and she happened to kneel right in the only spot of light in the entire room.
Lesson:As we kneel in prayer and offer our hearts to heavenly Father our lives are filled with light. A light that is discernible!. Light could represent many things, testimony, knowledge, personal revelation, peace. It was so wonderful!!!!

Now, instead of calling it my daily parable, I have changed it to...My Manna from Heaven. They are sweet little moments that pass by so quickly. However, it fills my heart and soul with love and the realization that God is everywhere around me. I invite you to look for your own personal Manna and your eyes will be opened to all the wonderful things Heavenly Father is teaching you!
~ With Bunches of Love,
Sister Jordan

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