Tuesday, September 27, 2016


This week's blog is all about diligence... what it is and why we need it! I have been studying faith partnered with diligence, and what I have found is AMAZING!!!

Faith is a simple doctrine, yet so vast and deep at the same time. I have learned that diligence can be achieved when we take things one step at a time. I saw this MormonAd with a toothbrush with a bunch of toothpaste on it and a quote of, "I think this will be enough for the week". It was pointing out the importance of doing the small and simple things consistently, and over time to produce the desired results. We wouldn't dream of only brushing our teeth once a week, even if we used a whole tube of toothpaste, it is the same with our faith.

Faith gives us the ability to be diligent and the power to be patient. We nourish our little seed of faith and then we have to wait. Most times, I think Heavenly Father's greatest lesson for us is to learn to fully rely on him,  and continue to move forward, even if we aren't seeing the results we expected.

President Ucthdorf gave a most wonderful talk on faith during the women's broadcast. He taught that faith comes with a price... it takes patience, humility, diligence, and perseverance, however the results are beyond comprehension! Not only are we promised eternal life with our Father in Heaven, having faith allows us to have a happy life here on earth despite the trials and opposition that will occur. 
When our faith is rooted firmly in our Savior, we not only have the ability to move mountains, we are given the strength to overcome the spiritual "mountains" of our mortal lives.

This week is general conference, I invite each of you to come with a question, exercise that faith, and as you receive an answer, act on it! I know that diligence is not an easy thing, nor was it ever meant to be, however it is completely, 100% worth it!
~ With Bunches of Love,
Sister Jordan

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