Thursday, August 27, 2015


It was all about faith, all week long. That Faith is like a muscle in our body. Without nourishment and exercise, it will wither away. We have to exercise and  our faith by doing the small and simple things like prayer, scripture study, and church, and as we do those things, we begin to get stronger. Which makes trusting in the Lord and fully doing his will easier. Not fully easy(because it will never be) but easier. That is something that I have come to realize more fully on my mission, that the more I understand Heavenly Father and love him, the easier it is to trust him and recognize his will for me, it is Amazing!!!!
This week, we fasted for ready and progressing investigators, and miracles happened! First one happened when we went out tracting, looking for a family, and found a very promising one. She seemed really interested and told us she would love for us to come back by and discuss some more. Then, this Sunday, one of our potentials, whom we have been trying to get in contact with came to church!! Not only that, she quit her job to make more time for church and she said she wants to come out and teach with us!!!! Also we were able to set a lady for baptism, which is a miracle of itself. She has been taught for a while, but only recently have the teachings sunk in, but now that they have, she is progressing right along. It is so wonderful to see Heavenly Father answer our prayers as well as the prayers of those who we work with!!!! 
And I have two super awesome quotes for this week: "God cares a lot more about who we are and who we are becoming, than about who we once were" -Elder Renlund
along with that one... "The only person we should compare ourselves to is the person we once were." Elder Hammond

~ With Bunches of Love,
 Sister Jordan

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