Friday, August 21, 2015

Front Row Seat

Being a missionary is totally like having a front row seat to seeing God's hand in everyone's lives. This week, we were able to go to the temple with Sarah and Tricia, our recent converts, and the spirit that was felt there was breath taking! There was so much love, joy, excitement, and peace. They kept saying they wanted to come and live forever in the temple haha They both are our miracles, because a couple months ago, they came to a baptismal service in support of one of their family members, and right then, they told us "We want to be baptized!" And they were, but three months later. First Sarah and then her mother Tricia. Along with Tricia's baptism, she was also married, and then attended the temple about a week after!! Pretty soon, I know they will all be able to be sealed in the temple for all eternity!:)
    I did not realize how much I missed the temple until I got there, and as I was able to see Sarah and Tricia being baptized for their ancestors. Seeing them infused me with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to share this gospel with anyone and everyone, so that they too are able to partake of the marvelous blessings of the temple!!!
  We also had a good old game night on Friday, playing Perpetual Commotion and Spoons. It was so much fun!!!!!
Matching with another sister at zone meeting.

Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple

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