Friday, August 21, 2015

Week of Miracles

Oh my goodness, this week was a week of miracles!:) On Monday, Sister Youngberg and I decided to go on a sugar fast all week for our investigators, and the blessings that came from our fast were AMAZING! First, we set an investigator for baptism who has been on the edge of deciding for quite a while, and now, she has an exact date! Sarah, who was just baptized on Friday was just full of joy. Her road was a bit rocky coming up to baptism, and she had a lot of trials and temptations, but she fought through them all and was baptized. Then to add even more to that blessing, she came with us on a team up  with us and powerfully testified of the importance and need for baptism, and how she is already feeling her relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ growing and strengthening!! Ahh man it was awesome!!!! Then for the cherry on top, we were even able to reach Standard of Excellence again this week, despite only being in our area for three and a half days! 
    In the beginning of the week, we had Trainer Trainee meeting up in Omaha and it was sooo wonderful!!! President Gardner taught about helping those who we teach and come in contact with to connect to heaven. Also how we can receive our own personal revelation. There are three steps:
1.Desire, we have to have questions or concerns that we want to bring to Heavenly Father 2.Believe, we have to have full confidence and faith that we will receive an answer and guidance 3.Ponder, we then have to study it out, in the scriptures, through prayer and we will be able to feel through the promptings of the Holy Ghost our answer.
     He then said, the path is simple, but not easy to follow. We daily have to act in faith and trust that Heavenly Father is guiding and directing us. Jesus never said it would be easy, only that it would be worth it. 
Found a new favorite scripture... Acts 5:40-42 which simplified says "I will never cease to preach and teach of Jesus Christ." And I won't, even when my mission is done because there could not be a better life than that of one who is devoted to God and Jesus Christ!
Finally got my Cowboy Boots!!!!!

Sarah's Baptism

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