Monday, August 31, 2015


    I learned so very much at Zone Conference last week, it was wonderful!! To summarize the top three things I learned was that the focus of this mission is to help me to become a good wife and mother, that my success as a missionary is measured by my own personal commitment and not the results of those who we are teaching, and that our  morning studies allow us to partner with Christ, to make our will his, and that as we do that our only barriers are the ones we put up ourselves. 
    I really appreciated this conference, because not only were we taught things, we were shown how we can apply it in our lives, right now. It encourages me to continually push myself and have the continued hope that I am progressing to becoming the person who my Heavenly Father wants me to be.
    This week, though shorter than others was still packed full of awesomeness! I learned how to be more bold and confident during exchanges. I later applied this new found confidence in our area and began to recognize more clearly the promptings of the Holy Ghost. More than once this week, I have felt the Spirit speak through me and touch those who we are teaching, and it has strengthened my testimony even more of the presence of Heavenly Father in all of our lives.
    Being a missionary is just the BEST!!!!!:D

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Flashback pic from MTC - 6 months out

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