Friday, August 21, 2015

More Miracles

Oh my goodness, talk about a wonderful week FULL of miracles! Beginning this week, Sister Youngberg and I decided to sacrifice napping, and the blessing that came from that sacrifice were wonderful!! First miracle, a lady who we had been seeing for a while but the moved found us at the library and told us she wanted us to begin teaching her again!!!  Then we had exchanges this week in Kearney. I totally love exchanges and I learned a lot of new things to try and different ways to help Phillipsburg area progress even more.  It rained like CRAZY when we were up there, I have never seen so much rain all at once, it seriously soaked us straight to the bone!!! 
    Then for one of our biggest miracles this week. A 16 year old girl from one of our part member families came this week to mutual and loved it! The next day, she came out on team ups with us and practically set herself for baptism (which is Sept.5 by the way:)) She already has such a strong testimony and relationship with Heavenly Father, it is AMAZING!!! :) Honestly everyday, I see more fully that it is not me who is making these things happen, but Heavenly Father using me to help others along and show them the way. It is truly a privlidge to be a missionary and have the chance to see God in sooo many different ways in everyone's lives
   Also, Tricia's wedding and baptism went perfectly. There was so much love, spirit was super strong, and many hearts were softened. Also we had 15 less active people come to church this Sunday!!!!!!
From exchanges I realized even more fully the importance of the Book of Mormon and our own personal convictions, so I would like to challenge all of you to write your testimonies down on the front page of the Book of Mormon and pray to know who to give it to, I know there are many out there searching for the truth and guidance, and with Heavenly Father's help, you can be that instrument:))))
 It is just sooooo great being a missionary!!:D
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Tricia's wedding and baptism

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