Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tender Mercies

This week was another great week! Oh big tender mercy from this week. So on Thursday, all of our appointment canceled on us. Not only that, but we were the part of our area which is really small so we really have to work hard to stay busy the whole day. We were a bit worried about what we would do to occupy our time most efficiently. We prayed and then planned to our best ability. Then the next morning, the family who we are staying with asked if we could spare sometime and help her with potting some plants and painting. She was an answer to our prayers! We were able to stay busy and productive for the entire day, as well as go and visit with some other people, it was an awesome day!:)
Oh and the wedding/baptismal plans for one of our investigators is moving along very nicely. Her and her daughter are just on FIRE about this gospel and they are going to do many wonderful things!!!
Selfie with the Zone

Sister Jordan with a frog she caught and named JO-JO.
(She later let him go)

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