Thursday, July 16, 2015

Breaking News

So Breaking News...I am a trainer!!!!!!! So for those of you who don't know what that means, it means that my new companion, Sister Youngberg is FRESH from the MTC(just got here Friday) and it is my responsibility to teach her how to be a missionary!At  first, I was a little nervous, because it is a huge responsibility to teach another how to be a missionary when you  yourself are still learning. But I took a step back, and realized that I received this assignment because Heavenly Father knew I could handle it, that I was ready for this responsibility! Also that if God had that much confidence in me, I needed to display that same measure of confidence in Him. It was and I know will continue to be a faith building experience. I have come to realize, that faith is not a girt. That each day, we have to work on building our faith and strengthening it by trusting in the Lord and then acting. 
And what a wonderful companion Heavenly Father has blessed me with!!! Her name is Sister Youngberg and she is from Clear field Utah. She is truly prepared, ready to work, and completely fearless. She knows why she is here and she is so very passionate about sharing this gospel with everyone!!! In just the two days that we have been together, things have just been on FIRE:) We were able to secure two new investigators, about five return appointments, and a ton of amazingly spiritual lessons. I am so excited for this opportunity we both have to grow and strengthen each other:D 
 We have set many new goals that will push us but will move this work forward in the Phillipsburg area.  We are busy working hard all day, every day so that when we get in bed, we just pass out haha I fully LOVE being a trainer, I am learning even more deeply about relying on the Spirit and trusting that Heavenly Father is strengthening me. Everyday, I can literally feel myself growing and it is WONDERFUL!
Goodbye to Sister Taggart :(
My new "baby" Sister Youngberg

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