Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Mission President

 This week, our new Mission President arrived!! His name is President Gardner and I totally LOVE him already!! He is just infused with energy and love for missionary work, he is so very humble, a self proclaimed optimist, and is seriously an open book.  I am soooo excited to see what he has planned for this mission:D We even were able to have interviews with him personally after the big conference, he challenged me to open my mouth and testify at every opportunity. So this week I took up that challenge, and though at first it was difficult, the more I did it, not only was it easier, but I began to notice that confidence, conviction, and power accompanied my words. It was so wonderful to see the power of acting in Faith and relying on Heavenly Father. 
    Got to go to an AWESOME BBQ party for 4th! We met this man named Brother George, and he is just the BEST!!! He at first introduced himself to me as a Catholic Priest, and I didn't realize that he was a member until about 30 minutes later haha. He told us many fantastical stories about his rough and tumble life. He knows where 800 lbs of gold is buried in Colorado, he punched through a guy's truck window because he said something about his wife, and he ran away from the Canadian police with a semi truck full of stuff hahahaha Though he was raised in the church, he fell away, but returned again !  His adult son had been baptized and wanted his dad to be there with him and his family to be sealed in the temple, so his son said, "Dad you have 9 months to get your act together." He said it felt like God had slapped him in the face and made him realize what the most important things in this life is family and your spiritual relationship with Heavenly Father. So he shaped up and never went back! It was so wonderful to hear all of his exciting stories as well as his tender testimony building experiences.
 Ooh we had a game night this week, with my favorite game...Perpetual Commotion it was tons of fun and reminded me of when we would play that game with the missionaries, and now I was a missionary, yayyyyy! Our wedding planning for the Baptism/Wedding on Aug 8 is moving along very nicely: rustic, country chic dark blue and sunflowers AWHH YEAH!!:) 
Beautiful Sunrise on way to Zone COnference.

Matching with Sister Taggert

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