Monday, July 20, 2015

Amazing Week

This week was AWESOME!!!!! Oh my goodness, me and Sister Youngberg just worked our very hardest all day everyday, and the Lord provided us with miracles on a daily basis. I have never felt more exhausted, both spiritually and physically in my entire life...and it is just WONDERFUL:D We make a great team, and are continually pushing one another to become better and better each day! Tender Mercy of the Week: So last Friday, Sister Taggart and I met the Carter's neighbor(Doc) and he told us that in a couple days, it would be the two year anniversary of his wife's death. I do not know why, but that just stuck with me, so on Tuesday we went and bought flowers for Doc. We almost didn't, but in the end we felt that would be a nice thing to do. And it was!! He was so touched by the little act of service that we gave. It was as if I could physically see the Savior wrapping his arms around Doc and comforting him. It was such a wonderful experience to really be able to see the impact a small act of service can have on someone!! Here is an AWESOME quote that came from our Mission President: 
Faith is the power
Obedience is the Price
Love is the Motive
The Spirit is the key
Christ is the reason
Flowers for Doc

By the Nebraska sign :)

Phillipsburg, Kansas

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